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How You Can Save with Solar

How you can save money with solar panels

Top Reasons to Consider Going Solar

There are many reasons to consider a solar installation for your home.  Here are some of the top reasons.

Reduce your electric bill

Have you ever felt this way when opening up your electric bill?  Never feel like this again by reducing your bill with a solar energy.

Rising Energy Costs

By going solar today you can lock in your cost of energy at today’s prices, and never have to pay future price increases.

Rent or Own your power?

Going solar is like renting vs owning a home.  When you rent a home you are not buiding any equity.  It’s the same with your power.  You could take the same money you are already spending on power and invest that in a home improvement that will save you money over time.

Increasing Home Value

Florida Studies have shown that solar homes are selling 17% faster than non-solar homes.  Nationwide studies show that solar homes are selling for $15,000 more on average.

Our installers have more than 10 years of experience

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Why Choose Solar Panels & Batteries

With 10 years of experience we understand the unique challenges of installing solar in Florida.   We use only the best equipment and offer the best warranties in the industry.  With a 25 year product and labor warranty you can have peace of mind knowing your solar system will provide you power well into the future.


  • All Installers are Company Employees. NO subcontractors used
  • Honest and accurate estimates using advanced modeling software.
  • Low pressure sales approach giving you the accurate information you need to make a decision
  • Best quality equipment at the lowest price.
  • 25 Year product warranty on all Panels and Inverters
  • 25 Year labor warranty
  • 20 Year roof warranty

Everything was Seamless

Everything was Seamless
Solar Panels & Batteries made everything seamless from our initial purchase to assisting us through applications and forms to installation and communication with Duke Energy. We wish to thank the entire SPB for their thoroughness and for ensuring that all of our burning questions were always answered promptly and for monitoring that everything went smoothly. Looking forward to joining the SPB Family. Thank you for all of your outstanding support.

– David M

Excellent Company with High Quality Products

Its been almost three years since I had Solar Panels and Batteries install 33 LG solar panels on my home and I couldn’t be happier. I had 10 solar companies come in to give me estimates and SP&B gave me the best product and the best price. I wish I would have done this ten years ago!! I decided to wait to give my review to see if the system was working up to code and I can honestly say that it is still working perfectly. If you are thinking about installing a solar system on your home I cant think of anyone else to install it with better customer service and quality. Thank you SP&B and I will be telling all of my friends, family and co-workers about your company.

– Kevin D.

Best Solar Company Experience

I obtained multiple estimates from over a dozen solar companies over the course of several weeks on a Solar System. After three rounds of revised quotes from all vendors, Solar Panels & Batteries’s was the only one that remained unchanged becauses they had already offered the second lowest price, the best warranty, and the best communication. All the other vendors clearly had fluff and high profit margin in their quotes – still was much higher for the exact same parts (LG solar panels and Enphase microinverters). The installation timeline and work was completely as agreeded. We couldnt be happier with their frequent communication or customer service. Systems has been operating flawlesssly ever since. We expect payoff in less than 7 years.

– Chris K.

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