How Reliable is Solar Power?

It is becoming more commonplace for people to turn to the sun for their energy needs. Solar power is promoted as a realistic, sustainable, environmentally sound and cost saving alternative to burning fossil fuels.
There are people who state that solar energy may not be able to meet the energy demands of the entire world. They argue that the sun is an intermittent source of energy. Sunshine is an intermittent energy source, only available at most, twelve out of every twenty four hours per day. The sun doesn’t shine continuously and a number of countries experience cloud cover for large spans of time throughout the year.

These few facts may support the notion that solar power is not a viable solution for the entire world. However, solar power’s popularity is growing because more people are considering the environmental impact of their energy use while also wanting to reduce their cost for energy.
The sun is constant even though it doesn’t shine in any one place twenty four hours a day. Who knows how long the sun will shine. It is probably a safe bet that it will outlast everyone living on earth today. The sun shining its light is reliable and dependable. It is also sustainable compared to expendable resources like coal and oil.

The sun’s light and heat are relatively easy to ‘tap’ into. Humans only to need to know how to capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. The good news is that scientists and engineers have developed solar systems that use solar panels to capture the sun’s energy.  The panels convert this sunlight into DC energy and by using various inverter technologies this energy can be converted into AC energy which is usable by the grid and our homes.

These solar energy systems are less complicated to implement than extracting coal and oil from the earth. Solar power is a reliable and sustainable energy source even though it may not meet all of the world’s energy demands.  In combination with other energy saving methods in the home it can significantly reduce a homeowner’s energy costs.

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