Off-Grid Solar Power For Everyone

Here is another helpful book for those interested in solar power.  We like and recommend this book because of its comprehensive overview of the basics of solar power.  The book is titled, “Off Grid and Solar Power For Everyone: Your Smart Solar Guide” Here is an excerpt from the book:

This book is written for solar power enthusiasts making their first steps in the world of solar photovoltaic energy.  Here are the essentials of off-grid solar panel systems revealed.

The book, however, is also targeted to intermediate and advanced solar users due to its systematic and simplified step-by-step approach to solar system design.  The essentials of off-grid and mobile solar panel systems are explained in an easy-to-follow-and-grasp manner. Furthermore, every solar enthusiast, regardless of their experience level, will benefit from the essential information revealing how to scale up fast, easy and cost-effectively a solar power system.

Off-grid solar electric systems are not connected to the electricity grid.  They are preferred in remote areas where buildings are far from any utility infrastructure.

Although mobile solar systems are a subset of off-grid solar, they do require some particular attention and do have their specifics when it comes to component selection and system design.  All these details are carefully noted and explained in the book. What is more, a whole chapter devoted to mobile power system sizing explains in a step-by-step manner how to design a system that is both best0performing and cost-effective.

As a rule, in off-grid solar systems, the produced electricity is matched to the user’’s energy needs.  A typical off-grid system requires an electricity storage system because electrical energy might not be needed at the same time when generated.  For this reason, battery banks are used for electricity storage, and most off-grid photovoltaic systems are battery-based. The other option for power backup is a hybrid solar system where the capacity of the electricity storage can be enhanced by adding an extra power source – for example, a diesel generator.

In areas located away from any existing utility poles, it is often less expensive to install an off-grid photovoltaic power system than pay a fortune to get connected to the grid. Th  Therefor, off-grid solar panel systems are a good solution for households located away from the public electricity grid and business clients in industrialized countries as an option for lower-cost production methods..

It should be noted that not all the household might be dependant on solar-generated electricity.  A solar power system might be an option for individual devices and applications – lamps, pumps, SOS telephones, traffic signal system, ticket machines, clocks, solar radios, mobile and measuring equipment on cars and vans, etc.

Off-grid solar panel systems are attractive, as they:

• Are a reliable source of power
• Are practically unlimited in size – an off-grid solar power system could serve a single device or a couple of buildings with complex electrical network
• Can be installed almost anywhere in the world
• Can be less expensive than paying for getting connected to the utility grid
• Can provide electricity to the most household devices
• Can be used on vehicles – RV and marine

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