lg solar panelLG is a company that is very committed to their solar business, and that is why we primarily only install LG solar panels in our system.  The difference is that LG actually manufactures their own solar cells which means they can have exceptional quality control.   We choose LG panels because of their exceptional quality and long-term perfomance.   They have a wind load rating of 208 MPH which means they can handle the extreme weather we experience here in Florida.   They also come with a full 25 year product warranty.  Beware of other brands that advertise their 25 year perfomance guarantee, but only have a 15 year product warranty.  If their panel has a defect beyond 15 years you will not be covered.  Their Neon 2 product line is now produced in Huntsville Alabamba, so we can proudly say they are American made.

LG is also a trusted name in the US and are well known for their electronics line of TVs, Refrigerators, Washer & Dryers, and more.   With LG you get one company with one warranty, where as other solar panel companies will create shell companies to handle the warranty claims, our LG panels are backed by LG USA – a multiple billion dollar entity. 

See the chart below to compare the long-term savings of choosing LG vs a standard solar brand.

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