Solar Power vs Generator Power

The controversy over global warming has actually heated up, and individuals are reevaluating solar power versus generator power. For those living outside the power grid, this article may conserve not only the green in the rainforest, but also the green in the bank.

Many people who live “off the grid” in isolated areas have typically depended on generators for electrical power. Others have actually set up generators for back-up emergency electrical power. Neither believed there was a choice, today there is an option: solar power versus generator power.

In this post, we evaluate which is more affordable; easier; more environmentally friendly?

Solar Power versus Generator Power – Expense

The expense of solar energy versus generator is much less over the long term.

The initial expense of a solar energy system will be greater than that of a generator system. This is frequently the factor why individuals choose a generator instead of choosing solar energy. One must look beyond the initial expense, however, to get the complete comparison of solar power versus a generator.

* Solar power, as soon as set up, has little maintenance or additional expense. There is no fuel to acquire, because the sun’s energy fuels the system.

* Generators are not so. Generators require fuel– an expense that is constantly increasing.

Solar Power versus Generator Power – Convenience

Convenience is another element to consider when looking at solar power versus generator power. Solar energy is a lot more practical than generator power.

* Solar power might be less hassle-free to set up and buy, considering that it is not as extensively readily available as generators. This is currently due to the smaller market for solar energy. This will be less of an issue as the market grows. Solar energy systems have no moving parts to wear out or require lubrication. As soon as it is set up, solar power requires little attention. The user can almost forget about it.

* Generators are widely readily available, so hassle-free to set up and buy. A generator should be kept an eye on regularly to be sure adequate fuel is available. It must be refilled typically when utilized as a regular source of power.

Solar Power versus Generator Power – Performance

The solar power versus generator power fight consists of a matter of efficiency, too. Which is more cost-effective? The facts appear to indicate solar energy.

* Solar energy is received through the panels, free of cost, and stored in batteries. It is ready for use when needed. The unused power remains in storage in the batteries.

* Generators run continuously, regardless of the amount of power being used at the time. As they run, they consume pricey fuel. When power usage is lowered in intense daylight, excess power is stored for later. Unused power from generators is wasted.

Solar Power versus Generator Power – Reliability

Some argue that, in comparing solar power versus generator power, we should compare the reliability factor. In this area, they declare, generators win.

* Solar energy is very reliable in places that have brilliant sunlight 300+ days of the year. In areas with less sunshine, or on cloudy and stormy days, solar power is less dependable. The system will continue to offer power from charged batteries, but will eventually go dead. Having stated that, it must be kept in mind that Germany, which has far less sunny days than the majority of the United States and Canada, is said to have much higher usage of solar energy. The problem of reliability appears not to be huge.

* Generator systems do not depend on sunlight. They do, nevertheless, depend upon fuel. If storms or some other catastrophe prevents one from renewing the fuel supply, generators also become useless.

Solar Power versus Generator Power – Eco-friendliness

Lastly, eco-friendliness needs to be considered in any conversation of solar power versus generator power. That is, which is kinder to the environment: solar power or generator? The apparent answer once again is solar power.

* Solar power has no emissions when working. There is no contamination associated with fuel production– no greenhouse gases. It is absolutely tidy. Solar energy uses a clean daily energy source — sunlight.

* A big downside to generator usage is still the matter of emissions and the environment. Generators are normally run on diesel fuel, and diesel fuel is produced from petroleum.

Solar Energy versus Generator Power – the Option

For most people, the solution to the solar power versus generator power argument is to set up a hybrid system. Using solar power as the primary energy source and generator power as a backup energy source.

The Design Process

Throughout the process, we will help design a system to meet your expectations.  Our team will start with an initial system design proposal.   Then will conduct an on-site manual load calculation simulating a power failure.  This will ensure a reliable system that meets your needs.

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