Three Benefits of Solar Power


There are three facts about the concept of solar generated energy that would make the vast majority of advertising executives salivate.

Firstly, the implementation of solar energy in our daily lives has a huge impact on the environment and its inhabitants. There are some who say that fossil fuels like coal and oil will at some point run out. In addition, they produce pollution that negatively impacts our environment. As a result, there has been a renewed focus in implementing sustainable and renewable energy sources like solar.

Solar power has come to the forefront of such discussions as a viable alternative to the old ‘digging stuff out of the ground and burning it’ way of generating energy.

The effect of a renewable energy source that takes nothing from the earth itself is huge. While solar power will never be able to meet all of the Earth’s energy demands, it should certainly be able to satisfy a large portion of the populace. Can you imagine the significant environmental impact if we as a people fully capitalize on a natural, renewable and sustainable energy source like the sun?

Secondly, solar power could save the average member of the population money. This is where the aforementioned advertising executive would really become excited. People could save as much as 30% on their usual electricity and heating bills.

Thirdly, for some, solar energy can create energy and grid independence for them. There are solar systems available that offer energy and grid independence for people that live in remote locations or for recreation vehicle/van conversion enthusiasts who like going to places where electricity is not available.

The general populace, as time passes, is becoming more concerned about their reliance on fossil fuels, the cost of energy and the impact their energy consumption has on the environment.

People concerned with cost savings, environmental impacts of their energy consumption and for a few, self reliance and independence, are seriously looking at utilizing energy sources that address these concerns at the same time. Solar power is definitely the most popular alternative energy source people are choosing today. It wasn’t very long ago that seeing solar panels on a house’s rooftop was a bit unusual. It’s exciting and inspiring to now see solar panels on house rooftops, parking structures, business buildings, warehouses and in open fields. The average household is now capable of saving money, benefiting the environment and being energy self reliant. What are you waiting for?

Have you ever felt this way?

I always ask my customers this question.  Does the cost of energy over time go up or down?  They almost never get the answer wrong.  With ever increasing energy costs globally the answer is of course, yes.   Studies show that in Florida on average electric rates rise 3.7% per year.  With solar you can lock in what you are paying in the future at today’s rates.

The whole process with SP&B was business like and professional. I never felt pressured. I got 3 estimates on the job. I got the best equipment for the least cost. When the engineer from the power company came to inspect the installation, he said I never have to worry about their work, they always do it right, not like some of the other installers from out of the area. 
David J.

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