Why Solar?

There are growing numbers of people looking for environmentally safe self reliant ways to live their life. For these two reasons, there is an ever increasing number of people and business owners interested in solar power for generating electricity. There is evidence that solar power is growing around the world. We can see solar power capturing systems on homes, buildings, parking structures, conversion vans, and signs.

Is solar power for you?

Here are some benefits of solar power for your review that can help you answer the question above.

– Solar power is a sustainable, environmentally sound and natural renewable energy source that is reliable and efficient because it comes from the sun. The energy captured from the sun can be harnessed almost anywhere in the world. The sun isn’t going to stop shining it’s light and heat upon us any time soon…at least not in our lifetime :-). Basically, the sun’s energy is not going to run out. Solar power does not generate any greenhouse gases.

– You can reduce your cost of your electricity bill from solar power. Of course, the cost of your solar generated electricity is dependent upon your geographical location, your electrical usage, the size of your solar system and the amount of electricity generated by your system. If, you are tied into an electrical grid and your system produces more energy than you use, you may even receive payments for that surplus energy.

– Costs for solar installation continue to drop in part due to lowering material costs. Incentives promoting solar, both at state and federal levels gives people and companies a more affordable option for their electrical needs. Newer technologies in the fields of quantum physics when applied to solar power have the potential to multiply it’s effectiveness and efficiency.

– If you have stationary building structure in a remote area or a home on wheels like an off grid conversion van, solar power can be a less expensive way to get electricity to a remote location.

– Solar power has diverse applications. The most common way is to capture the sun’s radiant light and heat using solar panels, wiring and other components that convert the sun’s power into usable electricity. Different building components like windows and walls are now designed to take advantage of the sun’s radiant heat too. Solar thermal systems can be used to heat water for something as small as a portable solar shower, something medium like a water heater, or something as large as a swimming pool.

– There is little maintenance costs on solar energy systems after the initial installation. Solar panels have no moving parts, therefore, no wear and tear. Most solar panels come with a twenty five year warranty. Solar panels do need to be cleaned to optimize efficiency, probably only twice a year. They can be wiped down and cleaned simply with water, a soapy solution and a non abrasive cloth or sponge.

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